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Do you want to write lively scenes, lush descriptions and gripping dialogue? How about interesting characters and compelling atmosphere?

Wordpace brings you closer to strong verbs, powerful nouns, enchanting adjectives and all the other words you want to know, but don't.

Discover below how learning vocabulary with Wordpace will push your writing to the next level.

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Wordpace is vocabulary learning for writers.

Choose & Win

When choosing words to learn, we don't force you to create your own entries or to learn from predetermined lists. You simply choose each word from our hassle-free dictionary.


Practice & Keep

Our spaced-repetition system ensures that your practice bears fruit. Wordpace will give you exercises at set intervals to help you remember all the words you want to learn.


Pace & Compete

Our pace system keeps you motivated! Practice and participation earn you pace, which measures your current-month progress. Try to keep up the pace as you compete with your fellow writers.


Write & Connect

Use those words in action! We challenge you to write flash fiction containing specific words. Your creations are shared with the community so everyone can learn from them and give you feedback on your writing.

Portrait of Marco Pennekamp

Meet founder Marco Pennekamp

I'm a reader. I continually stumble upon words I don't know well enough. One day, I was fed up. I didn't want to just look up words in a dictionary. I wanted to really learn them. I searched for a learning app that would allow me to pick my own words. But much to my astonishment, I didn't find a suitable one. As a programmer, my next step was naturally to create one myself.

I'm a writer. As writers, we discover new words all the time. We meet old words in fresh contexts. We never stop learning additional meanings and nuances. The better our understanding of vocabulary, the better we can choose our words – and write beautiful and effective prose. We may even inspire our readers in their own language use.

As a reader and writer, I want to become more fluent in my reading and more expressive in my writing. I am building Wordpace to help everyone achieve this goal.

Advance your reading and writing

Flip the cards and discover what Wordpace can help you achieve.

Craft beautiful and effective prose

Sometimes less is more – but you have to use the right words.

Read fluently and catch more details

Pick up the dictionary less and less. Never miss a detail due to skimping on those unknown words again.

Engineer word choice like a pro

Supercharge your word choice skills and empower your editing process with a rich vocabulary!

Name things better

Stuck in a naming rut? Fresh words and meanings are fuel for deriving names.

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