June 01, 2019 | Written by Marco Pennekamp

Join Our 6-Month Novel Writing Challenge

The logo of our writing community.

Have you been working on your first draft for ages? Do you wish you had more contact to other writers? Are you looking for writing advice, motivational support, critique partners and writing groups?

Writing can be an incredibly rewarding experience, but it’s also a very solitary one. You might discuss your book with your spouse or friends, but unless they’re writers too, they won’t have the in-depth knowledge and opinions that a writer brings to the conversation.

Not even notoriously solitary H.P. Lovecraft shunned contact to other writers. He rarely met up with his writer friends, but he wrote an enormous amount of letters. Even socially shy H.P. knew of the value of being part of a community! Nowadays we have the internet, so use it to your advantage!

I had been looking for a writing community since I first started writing. I tend to procrastinate or avoid social challenges, though, so I never got around to joining one. Until I made a Discord server of my own.

It’s called No Sleep ‘Til Bookdun, shortened to NSTB or NS’TB. Our community is tied to the r/fantasywriters 6-Month Novel Writing Challenge, but we are increasingly diversifying our community and the server’s features to stand on our own.

You can join us on Discord!

We currently offer the following three main pillars:

  1. Our Community. We are a friendly and respectful bunch. We help each other, discuss creative writing and many other topics, kick each other in the butt, celebrate successes together, and ultimately have a lot of fun doing it. We are even writing a book together!
  2. The Challenge. Every March 1st and September 1st, we challenge ourselves to write a novel in six months. For some folks it means finishing the first draft, while others want to get their novel out to beta readers. We offer two teams, Team Purple and Team Green, which help you track your progress and provide good grounds for some friendly banter. (Team Leaf for life!)
  3. The Critique. We offer a framework for getting feedback on your writing! You can either ask for critique in a global channel or create/join a private writing group with a few others. We have a lot of friendly and active users who’d surely love to make a writing group with you.

You can join anytime! The challenge is entirely optional, but can be entered at any time, too. You don’t have to participate in every round, either. We just want to challenge ourselves and help each other the best way we can.

We would love to have you! To join us, simply follow this Discord link. See you in chat!

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